SRNC Spanje

The past weekend the fourth SRNC of the year has been ridden in Spain and 7 of the Dutch studentriders were present. The Dutch team consisted of Mark Beltman, Naomi Moorlag and Marlieze Krielaart. Annelous Groenwold rode in team international 1. And our never failing supporters were Anna Bohnenkamp, Marije Oostewechel and Daphne Postma. Although it was an average temperature of 35-38 degrees, the quality of riding did not suffer. Some of us had been in Spain for a few days already and the rest of us came prepared, armed with our water guns and blow up kiddy pool. The order of the disciplines was a bit different this time as we started with the jumping. We rode really well and Mark Beltman went through to the second round. In the second round his horse decided to be a deer, and even though he rode it really well it turned out not to be good enough for a third round. The second day it was time to ride our dressage on perfectly white pure bred Spanish horses. Sadly we had to ride against Spain, which had such a perfect routine. Annelous, whom was in the international team did a really great job at riding her pony, and turned out to be the best Dutchie in dressage. Although we did not have anyone through to the (semi) finals we did really enjoy the spectacular riding of the others.

During the entire weekend the ambiance was truly friendly and enjoyable. The foam party and waterballoon fights at the Hawaiian theme party were hilarious. And the horseshow in the middle of the night during gala was truly spectacular.

And how did we end up you ask. Mark became 12th individually in showjumping. And the Dutch team became 4th in showjumping. Overall we all had a great feeling about this amazing weekend of riding and socializing.

Written by Marlieze Krielaart

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